What is Making it Work?

Making it Work is a weekly long-form newsletter written by Youngna Park, with musings for parents, recommendations for kids, and trying to stay sane while raising children in the modern world. It almost always arrives in your inbox on Monday afternoons. I hope it makes you feel slightly more reassured about whatever kind of parent or child-adjacent person you are in this world, and feel less anxious and more able to laugh at the trials and tribulations of every day.

Primarily composed of essays composed of observations and experiences parenting my two children, this newsletter also marries my career and interests in children’s media, well-designed stuff, podcasts, books, and photography.

In addition to the weekly newsletter, paying subscribers get access to Bonus Recs, an extra weekly list of recommendations that revolve around a theme, out on Fridays. Occasionally, I’ll also do Q+As to answer burning reader questions.

Beyond the content, paying subscribers create the space to write, synthesize ideas, collect thoughts, and share it with the world. Thank you to those who contribute!